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Every weekend Bypass Trade Center hosts "Market Under The Pines", a weekend flea market for vendors of all types.  We provide tables, electricity, and restroom facilities for our vendors and their customers.  Our market is outdoors under the stately southern pines and provides a shady spot for vendors and customers alike.

Market Under The Pines
Park-and-Sell at Market Under The Pines If you want to sell at the Market there are two ways to do it.  You can Park-and-Sell or you can Store-and-Sell.  When you Park-and-Sell you can bring your items to the Market every day you sell and take them back with you when you go.

When you Store-and-Sell you can rent a storage building and store all of your merchandise on site in a secure storage environment.  That way you can keep your merchandise at the market and not have to go through the hassle of loading your merchandise up and bringing it to the market and then loading it up again to take it home.  When you Store-and-Sell you also have the opportunity to stock the items that sell the best and keep them on hand.

Store-and-Sell at Market Under The Pines

For more information or to become a Store-and-Sell vendor, click here!